Tuesday, April 10, 2007

settling in...

A little over a week after we've moved to our new apartment, the place is getting a lived-in feeling. We managed to squeeze in a trip to Ikea last Sunday and bought our dining table. We also got a few more knick-knacks that we needed. Kyla got something to put her clothes in, a reading lamp, an overhead light, and of course something she can't do without, a mirror.

Axel and I went to Target yesterday to get a water filter and ended up getting some more stuff. Axel almost forgot to check his Pokemon cards, and was elated when he got the rare cards he's been looking for. Passed by Blockbuster to borrow Happy Feet. Watched it with the kids before going to bed.

Spent the morning tidying up the place a bit. Got most of it sorted out, but still a lot more to do. Am so tired I should have just called in sick today. But alas, am at work and have to stay till midnight.

p.s. Kyla got 102 in her exam so it's McDonald's time for us (20 pieces chicken nuggets, so what else is new). No wonder we're all gaining weight, hay!