Monday, April 30, 2007

I am...

sitting in front of my...

...feeling a little...

wishing for a...

maybe a little bit of...

......... maybe later .

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reading Week

Reading Week (or the weeks before final exams) officially started last Friday. This means that everyday for the next 3 weeks, the library will stay open till midnight. This is to accomodate our law students preparing for their final exams. Usually, before this "toxic" weeks start, we get an email telling us to prepare ourselves too, as in please try to summon as much patience as you can kind of thing. We'd have an array of cranky students due to lack of sleep, to some who are downright rude, we'd have some drama over who gets a study room, and who gets kicked out of one, students being creative as to which student can bring in most food without getting caught, etc. But these gets balanced with students who are really nice whether it's a regular day or its finals week.

There really is not much difference when it comes to my schedule. Most days I work till midnight, anyway. Only Sunday gets adjusted, I have to stay till 12mn instead of 10pm. Tough part is I have to be back at work at 6:45am the next day, hay! Lack of sleep, no problem... during times like this, patience is really a virtue ;p

Cheesecake of my labor...

This is what we got from our GC... YUM!!!!!

The kids opted for the Oreo Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory...


Our Original cheesecake with lots of real Oreo cookies baked in a chocolate crust and topped with whipped cream.

... and this was my share... pity it was only a slice... :p


Kahlua cheesecake swirled with coffee and baked in a fudge brownie crust (no chocolate chips or nuts), then topped with a dark chocolate sour cream mousse. Finished with a beautiful design of white chocolate ganache.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

a job well done and a pleasant surprise...

Earlier today, my Boss from my part-time job asked me to come to his office to help him find some articles that he has been missing. We did not find the exact article but we did find the notes he made for that article, plus we found what he thinks is the draft of a book that he was writing (one that he thought he lost when his old house burned down). Needless to say, though we were not totally successful in our quest, finding his "treasure" made him happy.

He then told me to attend the class he's having because he wanted me to do some research for our fellows. He wasn't very clear as to what I'm supposed to be researching about, he said it will be discussed during the class as the fellows needed to choose a topic to concentrate on. It was 10:50 am and he told me to be there by 11:15 am... I am in a rush because I had just misplaced my keys and needed to grab one of our maintenance guys to let me back in the library.

When I got there, everyone was there. No, it did not ring any alarm bells in my mind as I thought it was a "research class" he's conducting that day. He asked where our secretary was and I told him I saw her heading to the next building to get our mail. So we waited till she got back. Meanwhile, he was showing the Roscharch Inkblot Cards to our fellows and was successfully fooling me that they were indeed having a class. Finally our secretary walked in.

Suddenly, everyone was quiet. It was such a great surprise when he said that we were all gathered there to say thank you to none other than... me and the secretary for a job very well done. To top this, we each received flowers, a card and a gift certicate (Cheesecake Factory, yum! the kids will be very happy;p ). Both of us were not expecting this and we felt so lucky that we found a Boss and co-workers who appreciate what we do.

Snatches of messages they wrote:

"... How nice for us to have our invaluable collection in such caring hands."

"I need to tell you how much I appreciate/respect your work with us..."

"Who could be successful without you?... My hearfelt thanks for your expertise and friendship."

"It can sometimes feel like a lonely isolated job being a librarian. You made it anything but that..."

At the end of the day, it was indeed a job very well done...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

moved and settling in...

It's been almost a month since we moved to our new apartment. Tiny details keep popping up that needed attention (which I couldn't spare, no time). Had to drive to a payment center to pay the deposit for the electricity service. Had to do that one right away since they failed to mail the notice to me right away and there's a deadline, else I want the power to go out, tsk, tsk... Then the dish went out for some reason. It was up while we had a storm but when it turned sunny, it conked out on us. Hmmm... Good thing the people who installed it were kind enough to drop by later that day to fix it. My son wasn't too happy, though, he missed a Pokemon show... The sofa bed needed to be re-upholstered, one more cushion left to cover and I'm done... (it's a do-it-yourself project for me). Sometimes I blame my Dad why he had to teach me how to be handy, now I try to do all sorts of handiwork if I can... Nah! I love tinkering with stuff; I just wish I have more time for it.

My daughter's room, thank God, is finally finished (I think). Her bed's in place(with all the trimmings), we got a table, a bookshelf, a side table, a decorative lamp, table lamp, her special "wavy" mirror which she peppered with her pictures, and PINK curtains so when she opens her door pink light shines out (iks!). Whatever tiny details she wants to add, she'll have to do it herself, he he... The room my son and I share is half done... we need more furniture (I think), but most of the stuff's out of the way. The living room is finally taking shape, but still cluttered. The kitchen, I think, was the first one that got organized. Got to be, had to feed the always hungry mouths.

Moving is not fun... too much work. But I know it will all be worth it once everything is in place :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I love you, friend...

I love you. Three simple words never uttered by you or me. Could life have been different had we said those words to each other?

It all started innocently. You offered a ride to my roommate and we met. Then you kept coming back after that. You’d call in the middle of the night just to say hi, and we’d end up talking till the wee hours of the morning. You’d make a trip to see us and we’d go out for lunch or dinner. You’d send me letters and I’d answer back. Life was sweet.

Then one time while talking on the phone, you hinted at something I did not really understand at that time. And when I next saw my roommate, she told me that you had left for the States. Shock at the news, hurt that you never said goodbye, wondering what I did wrong… mixed emotions, really. I got one letter from you that I excitedly replied to, but after that, nothing. So I moved on.

I got married, had kids, got separated, almost forgot about you and came here, a little closer to you, but nevertheless still worlds apart. And then I found you by accident. I wasn’t sure, but I was curious if it was indeed you. Memories of the time we shared surfaced in my mind. I felt conflicted. I wanted to know how you were, but I was also afraid that you had forgotten about me, a girl from the province that you once spent some time with. Curiosity got the better of me, I sent you a message and you replied. It is indeed you, a long lost friend, an interrupted lover, a stranger.

Surprisingly, there was no awkwardness between us. It’s as if the distance and the years apart never existed. We are still friends. We exchanged stories, trying to catch up with each others lives. A question remained unasked. An answer never given. We talked of you making it here. The hardships you had to go through to get to where you are now. The sacrifices you had to make… and the love you found. We talked of me, how I ended up here, how my priorities changed, what my plans were… and the love I lost.

I thought of fate, of destiny trying to test our wills. Why did we find each other again after all these years in a foreign land, if we were not meant to be together? You had a fiancĂ©e and you have just gotten married. I had a husband and now I am by myself. Isn’t life unfair? And then it dawned on me. We are meant to be together and it will be forever, but not as partners in life, but rather as great friends. A pillar of strength when one is weak, the voice of wisdom in the midst of confusion, a hand to hoist us up when we are down, someone who believe when we doubt, someone to light the way, lead when we go astray, and yes, love, unconditionally, never judging, always accepting, understanding and forgiving.

I love you. There, I said it. Will saying it change anything? No, because we are to each other as we’ve always been meant to be, the greatest of friends.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The day after...

One day after the Virginia Tech shooting, where 33 poeple died including the shooter and 15 others were wounded, poeple are going around with mixed emotions. And who can blame them? What happened is a tragedy.

My daughter is in college right now (far away from Virginia Tech), and my son is in 8th grade, but this incident could have happened anywhere. It brought back memories of another shooting incident in a high school, and I kept thinking, what has humanity evolved into? There is already so much violence in this world that we really don't need individuals going on a shooting rampage.

I was already scheduled to pick my daughter up from school yesterday. Once there, I kept walking around the area where her classroom is located. I was on the phone with a friend but my eyes kept roaming around looking at people walking by. Everybody seemed subdued somewhat. Can anybody really know if the person seating next to you is a potential homicidal maniac?

That night after getting home and getting food ready for the next day, I sat next to my kids watching TV. I said a silent prayer thanking God that my kids are safe, a prayer for those who died a senseless death, a prayer for their families, and one asking to spare us all from another tragedy like this.

Astrology Reading... relationships

Am trying not to be bored...Here's an excerpt of my astrology reading... kind of intriguing...

This is me...

When it comes to love, you are definitely not casual. You yourself may be surprised at the depths of feeling a close relationship brings to the surface. You love deeply and passionately and do not understand people who are incapable of making lasting commitments.

One of your great strengths is your sensitivity. You tune in easily to the psyches of other people and, while you may not notice the color of their eyes, have an almost eerie understanding of their private inner worlds. Your close ties are very private.

Your sense of humor is one of your outstanding qualities. It usually manifests as a rather wry wit. Anyone you're close to must share this sense of irony. You probably have a special talent or an absorbing interest. Your closest ties are likewise involved.

You are assertive without being overly aggressive and usually go after what you want with confidence and enthusiasm. You enjoy sex and your partners tend to be dynamic, successful people. Your natural energy and moxie is usually sexually interesting to others.

Your love nature and your sexual nature are happily in harmony. You're comfortable with your sexual role as you perceive it and rarely go for any period of time without an intimate relationship. You need love, go after it and always manage to find it.

However cool or cynical you may appear to be externally, you are extraordinarily sensitive and romantic. You are gentle and artistic and would rather do without a relationship than be part of one which does not measure up to your highest ideals of love.

My partner..?

You have a tremendous amount of energy and, in a relationship, are happiest when you and your partner are actively participating in something together. You tend to be quite competitive and can even be somewhat combative. You should always avoid the timid.

You have a quality people trust and you are often sought after as a confidante or an advisor. You have high moral and ethical standards and it is imperative that anyone you're close to is a person of the highest integrity. You prefer well-educated people.

You have an innovative turn of mind and may have a talent for an unusual subject. Your ideas are often considered to be ahead of your time. You can be somewhat impersonal and detached - even with close ties. You need to share controversial ideas with friends.


Monday, April 16, 2007

word wonder...

Saw this when I was blog hopping...

Food for the Soul
Silence doesn’t always mean yes. It may also mean no, but it’s better left unsaid.
Anger doesn’t always mean hatred. It could just be a means of coping up.
Laughter doesn’t always mean happiness. Sometimes it’s just a mask.
Tears doesn’t always mean sorrow. It may also be an outlet of joy.
Staying away doesn’t always mean it’s the end. It may also mean the best beginning.

Silence, anger, laughter, tears, separation... isn't it a wonder that these words means so much, yet we hide behind them to mask what we really feel and what we really meant to say.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Trip to Sea World

shamu in action


where's the food?

My, what big teeth you have...
Hey Mom, look behind you....

Dolphins @ Sea World

Hello, people...
I can fly...
back flip...
who's that on my back?

Sea World, San Diego part 2

Shamu (backstage)

strike a pose...

splash time!!!


and round I go...

Up, up and away...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

He he, tama ba yun? May boylet... sabi ko na nga ba lalaki ako, bwah ha ha

Sea World, San Diego

Went on a trip to Sea World, San Diego last Saturday. We left a little after 7am and got there just past 9am as the park was opening. Good thing I bought our tickets online so we did not have to wait in line. Had breakfast there... good thing the servers were nice, if not I would certainly be pissed because the sausage took too long to cook... have no fear, coffee is here :p

Saw the star of Sea World, Shamu. Ended up buying a big stuff toy of him, Kyla got smaller versions of almost all the animals we saw there, and Axel got a Manatee.

Got Nanay to ride the Sky Ride, got somewhat wet from all the shows(they don't call it Sea World for nothing... you will get wet!). Was not able to ride Journey to Atlantis because my back started hurting towards the end of the day. Kyla rode it, then she and Axel rode the Shipwreck Rapids. We even got to see the night show Shamu Rocks. It's really amazing how these sea creatures can be trained. Did not ride Wild Arctic because the lines were soooo loooong, but we did a walk-through (you'll see the same things, anyway) and got to see the creatures close-up. Kyla and Axel went rock climbing (did not make it all the way to the top...shhhh) since Kyla has been wanting to do it for a long time.

Alas! the day has to end. Still had to drive back to LA (2 hours, less of course since I'm driving). Wanted to stop by Denny's for dinner, but got lost trying to find the right side street. Ended up at a McDonald's near the apartment since all of us are poofed. Good thing we did not have to wake up early the next day.

pics later...

settling in...

A little over a week after we've moved to our new apartment, the place is getting a lived-in feeling. We managed to squeeze in a trip to Ikea last Sunday and bought our dining table. We also got a few more knick-knacks that we needed. Kyla got something to put her clothes in, a reading lamp, an overhead light, and of course something she can't do without, a mirror.

Axel and I went to Target yesterday to get a water filter and ended up getting some more stuff. Axel almost forgot to check his Pokemon cards, and was elated when he got the rare cards he's been looking for. Passed by Blockbuster to borrow Happy Feet. Watched it with the kids before going to bed.

Spent the morning tidying up the place a bit. Got most of it sorted out, but still a lot more to do. Am so tired I should have just called in sick today. But alas, am at work and have to stay till midnight.

p.s. Kyla got 102 in her exam so it's McDonald's time for us (20 pieces chicken nuggets, so what else is new). No wonder we're all gaining weight, hay!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Was finally able to move-in to a bigger apartment. It's a two-bedroom, two bathroom place with two small balconies, a nice enough kitchen and a big enough front room. The electric company came through so we don't have to borrow light anymore. Right now, the apartment only has the bare essentials, such as beds, fridge, tv, stove, microwave, convection oven and of course the most important, a coffee maker (not to forget my bookshelf for my ever growing book collection).

The sofa bed has not been cleaned so it's not in residence yet. We need to get a dining table and chairs, some more plates, bowls, etc.... also need shower curtain and rod, a study table for Kyla, maybe a coffee table for the front room... and the list goes on and on....

Kyla occupies one bedroom, Axel and me shares the other bedroom for now. AND everything is a mess!!!! Boxes/plastic everywhere... never ending array of things that needed to be put away. Of course this clean up has to be done while I still go to work (no rest for the weary). At least the kids seem to be having fun. I know they are tired from all the activities we've had the last couple of days. They've been very good sports though.

Something is missing.... sa mga kaibigan ko, alam nyo na yon.