Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Astrology Reading... relationships

Am trying not to be bored...Here's an excerpt of my astrology reading... kind of intriguing...

This is me...

When it comes to love, you are definitely not casual. You yourself may be surprised at the depths of feeling a close relationship brings to the surface. You love deeply and passionately and do not understand people who are incapable of making lasting commitments.

One of your great strengths is your sensitivity. You tune in easily to the psyches of other people and, while you may not notice the color of their eyes, have an almost eerie understanding of their private inner worlds. Your close ties are very private.

Your sense of humor is one of your outstanding qualities. It usually manifests as a rather wry wit. Anyone you're close to must share this sense of irony. You probably have a special talent or an absorbing interest. Your closest ties are likewise involved.

You are assertive without being overly aggressive and usually go after what you want with confidence and enthusiasm. You enjoy sex and your partners tend to be dynamic, successful people. Your natural energy and moxie is usually sexually interesting to others.

Your love nature and your sexual nature are happily in harmony. You're comfortable with your sexual role as you perceive it and rarely go for any period of time without an intimate relationship. You need love, go after it and always manage to find it.

However cool or cynical you may appear to be externally, you are extraordinarily sensitive and romantic. You are gentle and artistic and would rather do without a relationship than be part of one which does not measure up to your highest ideals of love.

My partner..?

You have a tremendous amount of energy and, in a relationship, are happiest when you and your partner are actively participating in something together. You tend to be quite competitive and can even be somewhat combative. You should always avoid the timid.

You have a quality people trust and you are often sought after as a confidante or an advisor. You have high moral and ethical standards and it is imperative that anyone you're close to is a person of the highest integrity. You prefer well-educated people.

You have an innovative turn of mind and may have a talent for an unusual subject. Your ideas are often considered to be ahead of your time. You can be somewhat impersonal and detached - even with close ties. You need to share controversial ideas with friends.