Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reading Week

Reading Week (or the weeks before final exams) officially started last Friday. This means that everyday for the next 3 weeks, the library will stay open till midnight. This is to accomodate our law students preparing for their final exams. Usually, before this "toxic" weeks start, we get an email telling us to prepare ourselves too, as in please try to summon as much patience as you can kind of thing. We'd have an array of cranky students due to lack of sleep, to some who are downright rude, we'd have some drama over who gets a study room, and who gets kicked out of one, students being creative as to which student can bring in most food without getting caught, etc. But these gets balanced with students who are really nice whether it's a regular day or its finals week.

There really is not much difference when it comes to my schedule. Most days I work till midnight, anyway. Only Sunday gets adjusted, I have to stay till 12mn instead of 10pm. Tough part is I have to be back at work at 6:45am the next day, hay! Lack of sleep, no problem... during times like this, patience is really a virtue ;p