Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The day after...

One day after the Virginia Tech shooting, where 33 poeple died including the shooter and 15 others were wounded, poeple are going around with mixed emotions. And who can blame them? What happened is a tragedy.

My daughter is in college right now (far away from Virginia Tech), and my son is in 8th grade, but this incident could have happened anywhere. It brought back memories of another shooting incident in a high school, and I kept thinking, what has humanity evolved into? There is already so much violence in this world that we really don't need individuals going on a shooting rampage.

I was already scheduled to pick my daughter up from school yesterday. Once there, I kept walking around the area where her classroom is located. I was on the phone with a friend but my eyes kept roaming around looking at people walking by. Everybody seemed subdued somewhat. Can anybody really know if the person seating next to you is a potential homicidal maniac?

That night after getting home and getting food ready for the next day, I sat next to my kids watching TV. I said a silent prayer thanking God that my kids are safe, a prayer for those who died a senseless death, a prayer for their families, and one asking to spare us all from another tragedy like this.