Monday, December 15, 2008


Today marked my last day for the Fall semester. Although the semester does not officially end till Dec. 17, I am through.... because all of my course requirements have been turned in. I have now become a certified bum (again) until the Spring semester. Hooray!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


MySpace Countdown Clocks

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cerritos Library

You'd think that because I work in a library I would have had enough of it to last me a lifetime. But no, I continue to be amazed by what technology has done to make libraries more inviting and inspiring to young questioning minds.
I had to make this a separate post. We went to Cerritos Library as part of our group assignment. All I can say is, "WOW!" The library, especially the children's library is a sight to behold. I even got my very own library card without having to pay for membership because the library we go to is part of MCLS (Metropolitan Cooperative Library System). If not for that, it's a $100 fee, yikes!

back posting

Ok. got some time so I figured I'd do some blog posts that's been long overdue.

October 11, 2008

My ex-husband wanted our kids to celebrate his birthday, so he had Kyla choose a restaurant to go to. It's supposed to be French cuisine, although I'm still convinced it taste more Italian to me. We, or at least I ordered Princesa (champagne with raspberry puree) to celebrate ;p actually, I wanted my kids to taste it so they're not completely clueless when it comes to liquor. I'd rather they try it in my presence than experiment without me knowing it. Restaurant choice was Camilo's California Bistro. Food was good but came in small servings. Axel ate more than half of what I ordered because he was still hungry. I guess French cuisine won't be on top of his favs, he he he. Anyway, we did have fun even though the birthday celebrant was missing (he's in the Philippines), so thank you for dinner and belated happy birthday.

leaving with full stomach after eating a 3-course meal

October 24, 2008

Had to visit a congressman's office. Part of our assignment in class is to write a letter to a congressman about a cause that we want him to support. Sorry, did not meet the congressman, he wasn't there. I did manage to deliver my letter (and got full credit for it in class), and took some pictures just for the heck of it.

notice my Mom sitting in the car like she's the politician? he he he...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Winning Moment For Americans

President Barrack Obama, 44th President of the United States... nothing special about that. But if you take in the fact that President Obama is the first elected black president, then it becomes extraordinary. America is clamoring for a change and they got it. But this is just the beginning. A change for the better or worse? America must remain vigilant.

Monday, November 03, 2008

US Presidential Election 2008

Obama vs. Mccain
It is time for a change. How much change will depend on the choices we make. Exciting times, for sure...

Monday, October 06, 2008

win a free handbag

Win a free hand bag? Why not? No credit card required and no S&H fees... got nothing to lose except the few seconds it will take you to click and enter your email address. Who knows you might win a really cool handbag, he he.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

to blog or not to blog...

I have not been blogging. Not that I don't want to, not that I don't have anything to say, but mostly because how I feel is too melodramatic to commit to paper (or in this case a blog entry).

My sister's birthday is coming up, after that it will be my Dad's birthday. What should have been a celebration is still very much a cause for sad reflection. And as I navigate through conflicting emotions, I find that indeed, I am suffering from basket case depression. There is one more reason for my current state of mind, but on that I chose to keep quiet.

So what do I do to alleviate my depression? Let's see... I traded in my car for a new, and as my friends tell me, a better car than what I had. Expensive way to amuse myself, but there it is. I did it. I wasn't sure at first if this is the car that I wanted, truth is, I wasn't sure I'd be qualified to get a new car. Apparently, I have reached that state of credit worthiness.

So, why did I change my car? Hmmm, let's see. The car squeeks, it needs to have the brakes changed, its due for the 45T miles maintenance, and it reminds me that part of the reason why I got it in the first place is to use it to take everybody for trips out of town. The first three reasons requiring a lot of money and the last, well... since we're two members of the family short...

But all is well, I like my new car. And though I still haven't figured out what the hype is about over satellite radio, I'll figure it out eventually. I love the ergonomic seat which now provides full support for my back. The old car has it too, but the new one felt better on my back. I now have less space as the new car is only a 5 seater, but that would mean less junk left in the car ;p And now, I have better chances when I get lost... the car has a compass though still lacking a GPS (still too expensive for me). It feels weird though because it has a screen that tells you a door is open, two doors open, back door open, or you have so and so miles before gas is empty, etc... weird... and the key! OMG! I thought I broke it the first time I took it off the ignition. It doesn't have the part where you see the metal teeth. Sorry, but I'm clueless with car technology. It's called a Fobik key (though not the one with remote start, pity... that would make it a "Kit" car he he). I found that out after reading the manual.

And so after two days of driving the car around, I'm still not at full excited mode but I'm slowly getting there as I discover all the features of my new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Elline

Hay! another birthday celebration missed...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Metrolink crashes with freight train

I never liked reading newspapers. Most of the time it's got some really depressing headline splashed across the front page. Once in a while I would watch the news channel but only to make sure I did not miss anything catasthropic.

Friday afternoon. I had my daughter leave work early. I'll be taking them to watch a concert at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine, CA. It was traffic, bad. I was beginning to worry we won't make it by 6pm, the time they said people will be allowed in the venue. On the way at I-5S, there was an overturned vehicle. It was curiosity causing the traffic. What's curious to me is how they could end up in such a bad accident with so much traffic. I cannot imagine how a car can get up to the speed it would require for a car to flip over and another car to lose it's entire hood all with Friday traffic. But all ended well, at least for us. We got to the concert's venue in time, we even got and early entry pass because we bank at WAMU. My son later said it was a good thing because it's quite a walk to actually get to where they'd be sitting.

Little did we know that as we prepare to have a relaxing evening, at the other side of town, a tragedy is unfolding. A Metrolink train crashed head on with a freight train. Kyla later told me that some of her friends texted her to make sure she's alright. How that could happen is currently being investigated. As of today, there's been 25 fatalities, 135 injured, 40 of them in critical condition.

Today, I hastily glanced at the LA Times... the main headline is about Wall St. (something to do with a bank filling for bankruptcy), but the main photo was of the train crash. It said investigators are focusing on whether the signal was broken or if it was missed by the engineer. The crash happened on a curve, but I'm a lot more curious as to why these two trains are on the same track... signal or not, they would have been too close to each other traveling at a speed that would make it hard for any of the trains to stop. I should say that there was no mention of some sort of side track where the other train could have moved to had they been warned by the signal.

Towards the back of the paper, there was a feature story on the lives lost in this tragedy, and some story of the people still struggling to survive. Loss of a loved one is always a hard thing to understand

Saturday, August 23, 2008

discovering Josh Holloway

A new commercial by Davidoff Cool Water perfume is being shown literally at every commercial break. I got hooked the first time I saw it :D My God! I never watched "Lost" so I had no idea who the model was for that commercial, so I did some research. Did not take me long and I now had the name of the model... Josh Holloway! What is it about him that caught my eye? I have no idea, but he looks great on camera... and I now have a crush! Woo hoo!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A whole new world...

Have been somewhat busy the last couple of days. One of my class for MLIS started early. It's an introduction to everything that we'd be doing for the entire duration of the program. Part of the assignment was to join Second Life immersive environment. I find it weird... but I guess it's okay if you like to spend hours on your laptop talking to other "people" (avatars in this case). I had to do this twice but only because my avatar always end up naked or worse have a box literally hanging on it's hips. When I finally stopped on the first avatar, it ended up looking like a hyped-up junkie... the second attempt was more successful.

first avatar...

second avatar... looking much, much better.

There was a lot to learn, a ton of reading materials and videos to view, it wasn't that bad, but I've been out of school for so long that I had to literally adjust my brain cells to accomodate all the information. Thankfully, I am now done and am awaiting the official start of the fall semester which would be on Aug. 25.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Still sick. Been off work 2 days in a row and I am bored... Shouldn't really complain because I doubt if I can manage to drive myself to work with all my coughing and my meds.

****** Update: Gone back to work but still coughing. I had to call my doctor to complain about a wheezing sound when I breathe. She's prescribed additional medication, so if you see someone looking spaced out, that would probably be me, high on antibiotics, he he.

Monday, July 14, 2008

man or woman?

I saw this in Greenbuck's blog and thought, why not? This just goes to prove that there must have been a mistake when I was still developing in my mother's womb...


As a 1930s husband, I am

Take the test!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

OMG!!!! Thank God I wasn't born in the 30's, although I would have made a superior husband if not for the fact that I'm a woman... ha ha ha! I must be missing a body part...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

huntington beach parade 2008

Waking up on a real fine day...
Huntington Beach, CA
chilling out while waiting for the parade
cool way to skateboard
HB Parade 2008

boy scouts and the American flag
All dolled up
Queens of the parade
drumming on to peace...
the media taking a shot of me as I was taking a shot of him ;p a friend of mine called to say I got my few seconds of fame in one of the news channel covering the parade.
war veterans
motorized plane
Mom at the parade
clowning around
Bob the Builder

old fashion diner girls
kid wonders
Silver Surfer at HB
my son's band

families enjoying the day
Lincoln look-alike
house decors

clean-up crew
huntington beach
relaxing at the beach

sunset at the beach

fireworks display

going home

one tired bear