Monday, August 29, 2005

midlife crisis

It must have been! What else could have pushed me to try and learn how to play the violin? People say that's it's one of the hardest instruments to learn... I'm beginning to see they're right. Aside from the fact that I know nothing about the violin, I only know the very basic when it comes to reading music. My only saving grace, my ears are so sharp that I hear every single note that someone missed, including my own.

All is not lost, though. My honey's mom taught me how to get the right sound from the violin, the "do re mi" as I call it. She also taught me how to hold the violin, which of course I'm having a terrible time of doing. Not to mention that my wrist is now bandaged because it hurts from the un-natural way it's twisted just to hold the violin right. But in all, some good came out of it. I got "Mary Had A Little Lamb" screaming out of the violin, sometimes sounding good most times sounding like a cat trying to sing while it's tail is being stepped on. And all this, I'm proud to say with less than half an hour of informal lesssons. I even got part of "Silent Night", though I keep missing one note since I could not figure out which spot I should put my finger on. I never realized how hard it is to try and remember where exactly I've placed my finger while looking on something so close and horizontal in my line of vision. Of course, I still haven't mentioned how hard it is to hit one string at a time with a bow.

Hah! I knew this sudden desire to learn the violin cannot be considered normal, much less sane, seeing I never have a day off and don't have time to do anything but work. But then again, I can just hear my friend say, "since when have you ever been normal?" And that would settle the issue.

Hopefully, I'd have one song under my belt in a month's time (I mean play it like I'd like to listen to myself play). Then I can decide if I really want to continue this madness. Is it midlife crisis? What do you think?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

and some more...

more views of san diego

Now isn't this sign weird? First it said authorized parking only, then it tells you to go slow and finally stop! BEER GARDEN!!!! ;p

in bloom... Posted by Picasa

garden at balboa park Posted by Picasa

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me and my sis at the port Posted by Picasa

my sister and her hubby, festival of sails Posted by Picasa

san diego trip

on friendship

When do friendships start and when does it end?

Friendships start with the meeting of two people and find that there is a connection between them that surpasses their own mundane existence. Friendship like love or breathing cannot be denied. To do so would be to deny life itself. It is essential for a person's sanity and for whatever peace we see in this world. It makes one aware not only of oneself but of the people around him. It provides the feeling of being loved and needed, a necessary lift when one is down, a safe haven in times of trouble, a chance to be YOU.

Do friendships end? Unfortunately, they do, sometimes for the slightest of reasons, and sadly through no fault of our own. A person I've never met gave me this advice on letting go, very wise and heartfelt. I thanked him for it but the best expression of gratitude I can give him is to share his advice to others.

"Memories are milestones in life's journey. Look back on your journey and remember him for milestones he helped you put on your path. Then look ahead to where you are going, knowing always that those memories are going to be there when you need them... to guide you, to help you make the next big choices of your journey..."

Friendship is about honesty and about things friends can conquer while being honest with each other. It is about faith and loyalty. But it is also about love, caring and giving. It is everything that is good and we must remember that no bad thing can come out of true friendship. We just have to believe...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

have mercy, please... not ballroom dancing??? Posted by Picasa

off the dance floor... Posted by Picasa

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my honey...trying the moves... Posted by Picasa

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Monday, August 15, 2005

off to another adventure

I will be going to San Diego this weekend with my sister. Hmmm... it seems I am getting my breaks because she wants to go places. Should I give a hint that maybe we should do this more often? Ah well, I hope we don't get lost... I'm driving... I'm sure the first place we'll end up in will either be a place to shop or a place to eat, he he...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

facing mortality

I have just received word that my Dad's brother is in a coma. He suffered a stroke last Aug.5 and was rushed to the hospital. They said he seemed to be recovering at first since he was taken out of ICU and into a regular ward, but a stroke can be a thief in the night. A second stroke happened Aug. 9 and he was put back in ICU. This time things don't look so good. He went into a coma and is non-responsive. I just hope that if ever he's going to pull out of it that he won't be too debilitated or that if this is going to be it, that he should go quickly and quietly with as less pain as possible. Lingering only seem to cause more pain than anything for both patient and loved ones. Others might argue that as long as there is life, there is hope... life is only good if you can participate in it however small that participation may be.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

a dancing we will go...

My sister has not been feeling well. She called me last weekend to ask me if I've found a place for us to do ballroom dancing. So on my only day off for the month, we will be taking her dancing... I don't know how I'll fare on this venture, but if it makes my sister happy, then so be it. I promise to take lots of pictures to post... maybe I can get someone to take a picture of me looking silly doing the "moves".