Saturday, August 23, 2008

discovering Josh Holloway

A new commercial by Davidoff Cool Water perfume is being shown literally at every commercial break. I got hooked the first time I saw it :D My God! I never watched "Lost" so I had no idea who the model was for that commercial, so I did some research. Did not take me long and I now had the name of the model... Josh Holloway! What is it about him that caught my eye? I have no idea, but he looks great on camera... and I now have a crush! Woo hoo!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A whole new world...

Have been somewhat busy the last couple of days. One of my class for MLIS started early. It's an introduction to everything that we'd be doing for the entire duration of the program. Part of the assignment was to join Second Life immersive environment. I find it weird... but I guess it's okay if you like to spend hours on your laptop talking to other "people" (avatars in this case). I had to do this twice but only because my avatar always end up naked or worse have a box literally hanging on it's hips. When I finally stopped on the first avatar, it ended up looking like a hyped-up junkie... the second attempt was more successful.

first avatar...

second avatar... looking much, much better.

There was a lot to learn, a ton of reading materials and videos to view, it wasn't that bad, but I've been out of school for so long that I had to literally adjust my brain cells to accomodate all the information. Thankfully, I am now done and am awaiting the official start of the fall semester which would be on Aug. 25.