Thursday, August 24, 2006

back to normal...?

I have neglected my blog. It's because I've been busy. Really! I do work 7 days a week, you know? But I guess I'm used to that. I'm also attempting to finish a counted cross-stitch pattern, something complicated with lots of different colored threads. Then I am trying to clean the apartment because we are planning to move. Yes, move... well, not far, in fact it's the same apartment complex, but were moving to one that has 2 bedrooms. Why? Because my kids will be finally coming over and I doubt it that we are going to fit in a teeny tiny 1 bedroom dig. I do know that more often than not, they'll be in the Philippines, but hey, I need the space for all my junk anyway ;-p

And for the past 2 weeks, I've been going to UCLA to get lab tests done on me. The first friday, they took a ton of blood and did an ECG. They had me fasting for those blood test. I was almost at the end of my wits, what with not having my usual cup of coffee right when I woke up. Then they had to do a CT scan, they put an IV on me so I can get injected with dye. I did that log roll which was awkward because I had to do it on a very narrow bed. Suddenly I felt really hot, bloated and ready to explode. That was a very queer feeling. Good thing I didn't have an allergic reaction. It felt like I lost my head after. It took me 3 cups of coffee to finally feel my head on my shoulders. That was very weird. Imagine driving on the freeway and all the time I keep trying to figure out where my head was so I had to keep leaning forward to determine if I am still driving straight. Man, I felt so tired after that. And I thought that was the end of it... I was wrong.

I had fever the next 2 days, all my joints hurt, my back was killing me, I couldn't eat right, both my arms got big bruises where they stuck the needle and it hurts everytime I tried to move my arms. To top that I had to go to work. It took me nearly a week to get over those lab tests. Whew!

Too soon, it was Friday again. I had to go back, this time to meet with the Nephrologist and my favorite of all.... a Psychiatrist! he he... Well, it seems we got good news. It looks like I can donate one of my kidneys to my sister (I got two! my sister and I have been joking that I might only have one), but they still have to do an ultrasound. It seems I got a very teeny tiny scar on one of the kidneys (origin unknown, at least to me, since I have never been hospitalized for anything traumatic... except giving birth). Even asked my sister where I could have gotten it from, but she said she doesn't know either. But the doctor said, everything looks great, it doesn't seem to be causing any problems as to function, but of course they wanted to be certain before giving a go signal. And now for the psychiatric test.... my sister and I have been teasing each other about this... what if they discovered that I am crazy? would they still give my kidney to my sister? will she turn crazy too? (she's deluding herself into believing that she's sane :p) But alas! I guess I must be sane after all... (or maybe he's insane?) it didn't take the psychiatrist long to examine me. I think it took me longer to find his office... So when I called my sister she was saying that how can he see how crazy I am if he didn't take long in interviewing me? So I said, well, maybe that's all he needed to figure out that I am way above his capabilities and he'd probably need back-up if he wanted to diagnose my mental state, ha ha ha!

And so it ends there.... and I have to wait for my ultrasound schedule. Meanwhile, I go back to my work, my cross-stitch, my regular coffee time, and my blog.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy 13th Birthday Axel !!!

Happy Happy 13th Birthday to my handsome baby! I love you, baby! Hope you had fun this time around since your exams are done.