Sunday, August 21, 2005

on friendship

When do friendships start and when does it end?

Friendships start with the meeting of two people and find that there is a connection between them that surpasses their own mundane existence. Friendship like love or breathing cannot be denied. To do so would be to deny life itself. It is essential for a person's sanity and for whatever peace we see in this world. It makes one aware not only of oneself but of the people around him. It provides the feeling of being loved and needed, a necessary lift when one is down, a safe haven in times of trouble, a chance to be YOU.

Do friendships end? Unfortunately, they do, sometimes for the slightest of reasons, and sadly through no fault of our own. A person I've never met gave me this advice on letting go, very wise and heartfelt. I thanked him for it but the best expression of gratitude I can give him is to share his advice to others.

"Memories are milestones in life's journey. Look back on your journey and remember him for milestones he helped you put on your path. Then look ahead to where you are going, knowing always that those memories are going to be there when you need them... to guide you, to help you make the next big choices of your journey..."

Friendship is about honesty and about things friends can conquer while being honest with each other. It is about faith and loyalty. But it is also about love, caring and giving. It is everything that is good and we must remember that no bad thing can come out of true friendship. We just have to believe...