Monday, April 25, 2005

festival of books

Went to the Festival of Books at the UCLA. Had so much fun browsing all the books on display. Met a couple of authors too. One actually spent some time talking to me about his work, his travels to make his work seem real and what motivates him to write. He sounded interesting so I bought his book with my fingers crossed. Its with a hope that I am not wasting my money buying his book and my time reading it.

The title, "I'm sorry... Love Anne", turned out pretty good. He's put enough twist and turns in the novel to keep you reading (I actually finished it in one sitting). Plot was simple enough but he managed to make it more intriguing but not too complicated that you would lose interest because it deviated too far from the original story line. He also made a poem at the very end which he said would summarize what the characters in the story went through. It was a poem I think anyone would be able to identify to.

Here's to more authors...