Monday, May 02, 2005

mirrored sunset

The shade of the tree offered some respite from the searing heat of the sun. Not a single leaf moved, even the slightest of breeze are getting hard to come by. Summer is in full blast. He sat down sighing, thanking his lucky stars that nobody thought of sitting under his tree though all the other trees that offered even a moderate amount of shade was taken. I'm too early, he thought. But no matter, he'd take his time today.

It should be spring on the other side of the world. I wonder if it's still cold or maybe the weather's beginning to warm up. She must be sleeping right now. Does she still smile in her sleep? I wonder if she ever dreams of me, who makes coffee for her in the morning? Fool! He scolded himself. What good would it do to think of things like that? It only hurts more to be reminded that he is not a part of her life. That she chose to leave him to lead a life different from what they dreamed of together.

He looks toward the horizon, his mind going beyond where the sun meets the sea. This is going to be the last time he'd watch sunset under their tree. He looked around taking in the scene before him. Children running around, oblivious to the heat, the ice cream vendor swamped with customers, couples walking hand in hand. I'm going to miss this place, he thought to himself. I'm going to miss this tree, our tree, Gracie's and mine. A witness to everything but stayed silent grieving for lovers who had to part.

Goodbye, he said. I will be going away. I have to try and find Gracie. To let her know how much I love her and ask her to share her life with me again. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can come back and watch another sunset here with her. The sun begins its dance. A play of colors so vivid that it brought tears to his eyes one more time. I will find you, Gracie. I barely exist without you. The tree finally moved, as if trying to embrace this man who carries so much grief. A slight breeze caressed his cheeks as if to comfort him. The setting sun outdid itself, as if by being breathtakingly beautiful it can offer peace to a wounded soul. Tears blinded him as the sun begins its final descent and a tiny sliver of light cuts across the darkened horizon on the other side of the world.


Takhara said...

Don't stop! continue the story! :)

Chimp said...

You have been chosen.