Thursday, April 07, 2005

the american dream

Boy, am I sleepy... Had to wake up so early for a 7:15 appointment at the INS office. I am now what you call a legal permanent resident. Some would call it the real start of the American dream, I guess I don't have any strong objection to that.

But what exactly is the American dream? Quite honestly, I have no idea. I never even understood how one can call it an American dream, when in all reality, I'm still the same. I might soon become an American citizen, but aside from changing citizenship or acquiring a second citizenship, I will basically be the same person. Is the American dream becoming a US citizen, working in the US and doing everything American? Maybe.

The cold reality of it, contrary to what others might think, living the American dream means(especially in the beginning), being away from your family, working really hard and for longer hours, having to set up appointments to be with friends, instead of the usual "let's go out",spur of the moment thing, getting home dead tired, ready for bed but still have to do housework. Money can be good, but with it is the loss of most things that money can't buy.

Why do it? For the best interest of the family, to better oneself, and to become the "dream". Is it worth it? Most of the time, yes. For the unfortunate few(which might be more in numbers than we think), no. It all depends on each individual and the people supporting them.

Is this the American dream or a Filipino's dream to be an American?