Saturday, April 16, 2005

on the path to the altar...

Last Monday, my officemate told me that he just gave his girlfriend an engagement ring. Great news! I congratulated him and said am very happy for him. I was actually excited for both of them. He told me that they both think the time is right, partly because they haven't have a fight in two years. Boy! what a track record. Wish I can say the same for myself, but that's beside the point.

I did tell him that planning a wedding is very stressing specially on the part of the woman. That in case they do have a disagreement, its not because of them but the pressure of preparing for the wedding. She called that same night. After a while, my officemate came up to me and said, "you were right, she is getting stressed over the wedding". I told him it's just the beginning, wait till the date is set and is actually moving nearer and nearer...

This is not the voice of doom, its just that I know that a lot of couples actually do end up fighting because the wedding date draws near. It's not their fault, a lot have to be done to make it happen and most of the time, a lot of things can go wrong. Stress or not, for most couples its the way to go. After the wedding, when all the guests have gone home, they can hug each other and say everything was worth it.

To my officemate and his bride to be... may you both end up not breaking your record! Best wishes to both of you.