Monday, April 18, 2005

facts of life

I've just read on someone's blog that her sister's diagnosis is not good, maybe six months to live. On top of that, she has to go through some tests to find out if she might suffer the same fate. I do not know her personally, I have only seen her thoughts on her blog, and can only imagine what hardship she is going through. This is for her...

Silence Beyond Words

I walk the shores of uncertainty
In fear of the waves that could take me
But journey on I must, for life to be
To turn back now is pure cowardice

I have neither the strength nor the will to go on
But your faith in me is not to be ignored
"Hold my hand till I make my leave"
How can one ignore a loved one's plea?

I can feel my pain, but never yours
I can hold your hand through the very worst
I can't live your life, but I'll share you mine
A journey through the silence beyond words, you and I.


Takhara said...

Thank you, Maria. It's little gestures like this that make me understand that there are still caring people out there.