Friday, April 01, 2005

somebody's sunset


The setting sun gave the December sky an orange and purple shade. The birds flew in military-like formation with the darkening clouds above them. He sat at their favorite spot - under the lone coconut tree in the vast garden of grass. Children were playing and laughing near him. Across, young men played soccer. Couples lined the sides while the car and jeepneys pass around the garden. He squeezed himself, rubbing his palms to stay warm. Then he smiled as a tear fell down his cheek.

Three days ago he was here with her.

"I just love sitting here, passing time, watching the sunset with you Gracie" he said. "Remember the first time we were here? We were still freshmen then, innocent, curios and lost." She was silent.

"I was the vain Cebuano who was having a hard time living alone. While you... you were the classy private school graduate who worried so much about her grades." He sighed, stopped for a few seconds, reminiscing. He let out a few laughs. "You were snobby then, and that's what attracted me to you. I just love it when you throw your hair and raise your chin and give that look to people who annoy you." She smiled weakly without breaking her gaze at the balut vendor who was resting by the slopes.

"Oh how we were then," he continued. "And how we changed. We changed..."

Slowly the sun began its descent behind the trees lining the garden. Crickets chatter about wile the leaves sway at the wind's steady whisper.

"This is where you answered my courting. Where you gave your yes. Do you remember Gracie? Of course you do. We were on our second year. December wasn't it?" he asked.

"9th" she spilled out.

"Yes yes, I was filled with joy that I ran the whole length of this place twice. It was the happiest day of my life."

"I love you Gracie," he exhaled. He looked at her and marveled at the beauty beside him. Her hair was long and jet black. She was slender yet not so thin. Her eyes glistened like diamonds and her lips as rubies. She held her chin on her knees. She was quiet.

Only silence separated them from each other now. He spoke again.

"Is there anything wrong? You seem to be very quiet. Are you feeling bad?"

She silently swayed her head... no.

He let her be. He lied down on the grass and closed his eyes. He thought of their happy times. He imagined the future, carefully planning out his moves, a nice house in a secure village. Two cars, an excellent job, then coming home to Gracie each night after a long day. She was his first. Hopefully his last.

Unknown to him, she was hurting inside. She didn't know how to break the news. It would devastate him.

this is a story i wrote last year...dedicated to a friend because she likes sunsets so much.

this is FICTION. and all the characters are fictitious. any similarities to any person or event are purely coincidental and was not meant. (i forgot how the disclaimer goes... :) )

how would you like the story to end?