Friday, July 27, 2007

A night of comedy

I spent a great evening with friends. Yey! Good times a few and far in between so I like to savor it. We went to Improve Comedy Club at La Brea and watched SLANTED COMEDY with EDWIN SAN JUAN. It's great when you watch something worthwhile. Most of the comedians are good (almost all Asians, I think it was some sort of Asian night), though there were I think 2 or 3 that could use some good materials for their 10 minutes of fame. Aside from Edwin (who also acted as host of the show), one other comedian stood out, JoKoy, who will have his own slot in Comedy Central this fall. Jokes were racially motivated, some are the usual greens, but all was done in the spirit of fun. Part I liked most was when they highlighted some Filipino traits like saying "hoy" to call someone or using your lips to point at something and not to forget the use of "big" English words that are not even used by Americans... those were hilarious.
They have other shows lined up, so if you have time, check them out at their respective websites.