Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday madness

This morning, my daughter and I were greeted with a humongous traffic on the 10 freeway. We listened in to the traffic report which said that there's been an accident on 10 west at 710 north. I figured we'd just hang tough, we have enough time to get to work. When we got to the accident site, there was a yellow plastic covering something. My first thought was someone must have had a really bad accident and am wondering if that person is dead. Once I got work out of the way, I looked up the cause of the accident which made me late. Sigalerts call for partial or total road closure, this one caused more than an hour delay on a 1 mile stretch(I do not want to imagine what it was like for those coming further away). Imagine the surprise I got when out of the site that reports traffic incidents, it said,

10 West at 710 North
Attempt Suicide - Jumping from Bridge
6:15 AM

I guess whoever that was succeded... it's sad that one should have that much burden, enough to cause his/her death. I hope finally there's peace.