Sunday, June 15, 2008

welcoming summer

As spring loses it's yearly battle with the coming of the summer season, we headed off to the beach for an afternoon of fun, food, sun and sand (well, maybe not necessarily in that order). The sun, for all it's warmth lost it's battle to the cold front... and I meant it really got cold and it's not even 5pm. I gave up my sunbathing efforts as the cold wind kept me shivering instead of baking. Took some comfort in taking a few photos and having some snacks.

sob.... :( am not able to wait for sunset, too cold.

Kyla, not hungry anymore after finishing off some chix teriyaki stick and beef teriyaki

Axel's better smile... he's too tired though from battling the waves.

A storybook style house. I drove by it so the kids can see. Looks like one of those houses from LOTR.


bikepath at venice beach
Axel and Kyla
waves are coming!!!!
hmmm... wonder what the fuss was all about?


Heart of Rachel said...

Looks like a fine afternoon spent with the family. I'm sure you all had fun at the beach. Kyla and Axel have such lovely smiles.

The house also reminds me of LOTR. Are those solar panels?

maria said...

Hi Rach,

You know what, I don't know if those are solar panels. I thought they were just reflective windows to regulate heat inside the house during summer. I should drive by again and take a closer look ;p