Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Ralline!!!

The Sistahuds celebrated Ralline's 32nd birthday at FlapJacks. Again, I have to content myself with pictures of the said celebration as they are, alas, thousands of miles away. How I wish I was there to celebrate with them.

Physical presence made impossible, all I can do is write about it... to rouse myself from a self imposed mind slumber and celebrate with them the only way I can.

Ralline, Rae to some, is quite literally a "big" person. Not so much in size(well, maybe a little ;p), but with the goodness of her heart. Friendship with her came as a pleasant surprise way back when we were still in college. I obviously am batches ahead of her, what with all my LOA's which I think happened with more purpose than just starting a family... meeting her and the rest of the Sistahuds are certainly one of the most welcomed perks of my otherwise ordinary life.

With everything that she has accomplished early in life, Ralline stayed pretty simple. Very easy to get along with, ready to listen, lend a helping hand, even take me and my kids for a much needed vacation :) Sometimes, she tends to be too good and people take advantage of that fact. She always gives too much of herself, not just to her family but to all of her friends.

Almost 20 years... that's how long I've known her. And every year is an added blessing to my life. Thank you for being you, for being my friend and a part of my family's life. Knowing you has made me realize that there are indeed silver linings and you're one of the best.


Bittersweet Damsel said...

I'm grateful for you and the everyday things we share... from the conversations that flow so easily,
to the laughter that fills our times together, to the ways we're there for each other...

Whether we're just checking in to say hi or sharing heartfelt words of advice and encouragement,
the closeness we share is something I'll always feel grateful for.

Thank you so much, Maria! Lab u!