Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Two Things

I was tagged by Ralline.

Two names you go by: Rachelle and Maria
Two things you are wearing right now: Jogging pants and body shirt
Two things you want in a relationship: Respect and Honesty
Two of your favorite things to do: Reading and Relaxing with a cup of coffee
Two things you want very badly at this moment: A vacation and more vacations :)
Two pets you have had: Kisses and Apple
Two people who will fill this out: Nobody in particular
Two things you did last night: Watched Pops Fernandez at US-Phil Expo and took Kyla's friends home
Two people who live at your house: My kids
Two things you ate today: Tapsilog and Chocolate Croissant
Two people you talked to last: Robert and Theresa
Two things you are going to do tomorrow: Go to work and cook dinner
Two longest car rides: LA-San Francisco and LA-Las Vegas
Two favorite holidays: Christmas and Haloween
Two favorite drink: Coffee and Thai Iced Tea

Not tagging anyone, but if anybody wants to do it, then consider yourself tagged.


Heart of Rachel said...

It's wonderful how we both share the same names. You go by the names Maria and Rachelle while I'm Ma. Rachel.

maria said...

Hi Rachel,

Actually, that was how I wrote my name (Ma. Rachelle) when I was still in school. I find it too long to write the whole thing. Later in college, my close friends started calling me Maria, so it stuck. My parents use my whole name when I irritate them (which was often enough) :P I now do the same to my kids, he he he...