Monday, August 20, 2007

Posting for Ralline

Halu! (from the nananabang tropa)

Nagkita na kami ni Maria Rachelle kasama ang dalawang kids na si Axel at si Kyla kasama si Nanay Charing. They went to our Hotel at Torrance for the Kapatiran 2007 Reunion of my Mom. Dinala na namin lahat ng mga pasalubong at ang padala ni Atty. Amador.

I'll see them again on August 25. Hayan muna ang pictures namin.

Left early to meet up with Ralline. I have no idea how to get to Torrance and some receptionist at the Double Tree Hotel apparently gave me the wrong directions... or maybe she's right, she just wanted me to go the roundabout way (hay!). I would have given her a hard time, but I was in a good mood because I'm meeting up with a friend. Good thing my nephew looked it up for me at mapquest. We got there ahead of Ralline. They were coming from Riverside and there was a lot of traffic.

Ralline finally arrived and we went up to their room. The kids excitedly opened up their package, while Ralline gave me my share... coffee, choc-nut, ube, and relyenong bangus... YUM!!! Kyla finally got to look at her picture and write-up in the yearbook. We joined Ralline's other relatives in another room and ate some food. We left not too long after that. Mami has a reunion to attend ahd they have to get ready. Took some pictures before we left...

Can't wait for Saturday ;p