Saturday, January 27, 2007

a tribute...

Just had my birthday, another year past and another year ahead. Time surely passes by quickly whether you want it to or not... Time waits for no one. Most people celebrate the traditional New Year on January 1st. I on the other hand tend to mark it on my birthday.

For all the great things that happened, a shadow was cast with the passing of my Dad. And for all the things to come, a shadow will stay serving as a reminder that he won't be there to share it with us. For now, and I'm sure for some time to come, the shadow will weigh heavily on my shoulder. I also know that in time, that shadow will be a comforting companion to us all.

To my Dad, who was always there... never faltering in his belief in me, never too far away to lend a helping hand, always enveloping me with his unwavering love... the years ahead are for you...

To my friends, for everything... thank you.

To Dibbs... for being my conscience... words are not enough.

To a long lost friend... glad to have found you again.

To my nephews, for turning out to be bright, loving and compassionate men... you make us all proud.

To my sister, for looking after me... it's my turn.

To my Mom, I know losing Dad is harder on you than any of us. We are all here for you. Both you and Dad did a great job of bringing us up. We would not be where we are right now if not for the two of you. Let us take care of you.

To my children, for being my center, the two of you is why I am... know that I will always be here... I love you.

And lastly, to myself... may you continue to keep the promises you made no matter how hard it becomes. Remember all those who helped mold you into what you are right now. Regret not whatever mistakes you've made, but learn from it. Forget not the past for it is part of your future. Enjoy life and live... believe and you will be.