Saturday, January 20, 2007

catching up some more...

December 25, 2006

Woke up late, which is good considering I did most of the cooking the day before. Had to get ready right away, though. We've been invited to lunch at Ate Ning's house. Brought Nanay along so she can meet other people. At Ate Ning's, ate lunch then had a massage... that felt good. Didn't stay too long because we still have to get home, wait for Mario then off we go to his relative's house for Christmas dinner.

I got my 3rd personalized xmas card from father and son (will post pix later). Dinner as always was great (especially since I only have to eat, he he). After dinner, there were games to be played. Axel got $9.00, Kyla got $2.00, Nanay got $6.00 and I got $1.00 (not fair!). They sang Christmas carols... read and acted out a book, and of course the kids got more Christmas presents from everyone. In all, it was a great day... if a little too tiring. Much too soon, it was time to go home.

December 26, 2006

Too tired to get up...

December 31, 2006

Did not cook this time... or so I thought. Again, off we went to Ate Beth's house for the New Year celebration. When we got there, Nanay asked what food I brought over... I said, "Huh? Did you tell me to cook something?" So, here we go again... more cooking... hay!

When my sister got home, she asked me to get all the groceries out of the car, gave me instructions and told me to cook the food for Medya Noche... Errr? i guess am th ecook again.

Mario was able to join us this time for an early dinner (still can't stay up till midnight since he has to work again the next day). He was having fun picking on all the food that was being brought to the table. Watched the New York countdown for New Year since they're ahead by 3 hours.

When midnight came, Kyla did her jumpingjack thingy (hoping to gain some inches)... New Year, LA style is a lot tamer than celebrating it in the Philippines. No fireworks allowed so all we did was watch on TV and then eat. We did go to bed immediately after that because we're going snowboarding in the morning.