Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New York Vacation 2009

Here are some of the highlights of my New York trip. Obviously being a shutterbug (not necessarily a good one) I ended up with more than a thousand photos. Needless to say, I enjoyed my vacation and I still love New York although it did fail me on producing snow while I was there. I've been told that some flights were delayed a long time after our plane to LA took off, guess why? Due to snow... I don't know what's up with that, but its the second time I've taken a vacation to see snow and ended up empty handed. Makes me wonder what that means if it happens again the third time. I'd like to thank my host and friend, our Beloved for having me and to JanJan for the very delicious, fun-filled and stomach satisfying adventure of my life.

My first view of the waters surrounding New York
View while circling around for the landing
This was the most snow I'd see in my entire stay...

Waking up to a nice day in New York
Taking the train to the City for the first time...
Grand Central Station, NY
Empire State Building at the background
Statue of Liberty
St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY
Gee! That's heavy! ;p
Christmas Tree @ the Rockefeller Center

I think this is Liberty Park

New York City, New Jersey view
Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal
Cobbled stones, near Central Railroad of New Jersey

Everything sweet @ Ferrara Cafe, NY

My only photo of Chinatown :)

Alexander Hamilton Custom House
Gotta pose for this...
Not sure what they're doing... some weird stunt/dance show
Ellis Island

One of the most delicious and expensive steak house, so I've been told.
Only female buddha
Hmmm... there sure are a lot of these around NY
I'll post some more later... am still recovering from flu...


Heart of Rachel said...

I enjoyed looking at all the lovely photos. It's great to see so many sides of New York.

maria said...

The sights are great... not so great on my feet though, hu hu hu. But it's been a lot of fun!