Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I haven't had time to come up with my own birthday post so I'm borrowing Ralline's bday post for me, he he he. I could never thank you enough. ;p

Pancakes. Electronics. Phad Thai. Phantom. Entertainment. Rachelle.

Today is Rachelle’s 39th birthday. Much as we want to have a Sistahud gathering to celebrate her birthday, we simply cannot. She lives thousand miles away from the rest of the girls and not to mention, it would cost us lots just see physically her smiling face.Yet, even before she turned 39, I already surprised her with several birthday presents when she visited us in Las Vegas during the holidays. I was really happy to see her again even for just 25 hours. It is time (and money!) well spent with one of my dearest friends. Lucky us!After driving for almost four hours from Alhambra to the City of Lights, we shared breakfast at I.H.O.P. wherein they are known for famous American breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles and omelettes. We shared a hearty meal with my sister and brother. Filling up our tummies with coffee and good food, we started our day in Las Vegas.

We got lost several times but we did reach our destination and we even saw the Welcome to Las Vegas Signage. We just could not resist so we took pictures. Then we went around the shopping district of WalMart, Office Depot, Ross, Best Buy, Circuit City and the like. Wow in 3 hours that is like a year’s worth of salary! He! He! He! It was fun updating each other with tons of stories and laughing out loud while waiting in line in the retail stores.After shopping for the much needed stuff, we got tired and hungry. Finding a good place to eat, Rachelle saw one of my “memorable” restaurants in Las Vegas. I won’t tell the whole story about the said restaurant because I keep on laughing just remembering our faces. We had Thai food for late lunch and Rachelle got her dose of Thai Iced Tea and we had Phad Thai, Chicken and Pork BBQ, Tom Yum Goong and of course a big bowl of Steamed White Rice. Yum!!

Unfortunately, time is upon us and we had to get ready for our ultimate entertainment experience for the night. We treated Rachelle for an evening of music and opera, Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. It is one of my absolute favorites ever and really anticipating this event the whole time. Rachelle loved the show and the state of the art technology and effects, even the custom-built theater made us feel that we were in the Opera Garnier in Paris. To complete the Phantom experience, Chloe and Reyboy bought her a Phantom souvenir coffee mug while I got the famous music box. Fantastic!

No trip to The Venetian would be complete without dining to one of its fine dining restaurants. Where else?! We made reservations prior to our Vegas trip at Mario Batali’s B&B Ristorante. It features Batali and his partner, Joseph Bastianich’s acclaimed blend of exquisite Italian food. We enjoyed our selection of appetizers and main courses and though Rachelle didn’t order dessert, I shared with her my chocolate gelato. Pure heaven! I can still remember the taste and am craving for more right now. That gelato is worth the trip and the wait!

Before heading back to our hotel after the late dinner, we strolled around the Venetian, had a picture taken with Humpty Dumpty, played a few slots and eventually drove throughout the Strip to see the lights.

It was already morning when we head back to the hotel but we had fun and enjoyed the trip! Then Rachelle gave me a Christmas present that was so cute. Thanks a lot my friend! I had sleep before heading back to Alhambra while I pack some stuff for her to bring home. I have gifts as well for dearest Nanay Charing, the uber tall Axel and of course, Kikay Kyla. Hope they enjoyed them!Although it was just 25 hours, the time spent with Rachelle will certainly last for several months. I asked her prior to her leaving as I was hugging her if she enjoyed the day, she said she did and was so happy with all of her presents.One thing that she just mentioned as she was pulling off the hotel driveway, “come back soon and stay longer”! Well, we certainly will now!Rachelle, happy 39th birthday! Hope your day is filled with surprises and dreams come true.


Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, looks like a fun-filled and memory birthday party. Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos.

maria said...

Like I said, I think this has been my best birthday so far!