Sunday, November 09, 2008

back posting

Ok. got some time so I figured I'd do some blog posts that's been long overdue.

October 11, 2008

My ex-husband wanted our kids to celebrate his birthday, so he had Kyla choose a restaurant to go to. It's supposed to be French cuisine, although I'm still convinced it taste more Italian to me. We, or at least I ordered Princesa (champagne with raspberry puree) to celebrate ;p actually, I wanted my kids to taste it so they're not completely clueless when it comes to liquor. I'd rather they try it in my presence than experiment without me knowing it. Restaurant choice was Camilo's California Bistro. Food was good but came in small servings. Axel ate more than half of what I ordered because he was still hungry. I guess French cuisine won't be on top of his favs, he he he. Anyway, we did have fun even though the birthday celebrant was missing (he's in the Philippines), so thank you for dinner and belated happy birthday.

leaving with full stomach after eating a 3-course meal

October 24, 2008

Had to visit a congressman's office. Part of our assignment in class is to write a letter to a congressman about a cause that we want him to support. Sorry, did not meet the congressman, he wasn't there. I did manage to deliver my letter (and got full credit for it in class), and took some pictures just for the heck of it.

notice my Mom sitting in the car like she's the politician? he he he...


Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your ex hubby. It was nice of you to celebrate with your family on his behalf. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

maria said...

We did have a great time like we always do especially with free food ;p