Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nothing to do at work. It's been so quiet one could just scream just to make the day a little interesting.

In contrast to that, there's a lot to do at home. We are having a visitor this weekend and the apartment needs to cleaned... Nah! Okay, I did tidy up a bit. Finished laundry yesterday, fixed Axel's pants, cooked food etc... Tiny details, you would think this can be done quickly, but no...

Tomorrow, my sister gets her surgery. This time I hope that surgeon gets it right. I really hope my sister can finally start getting better so we can plan on her getting her kidney transplant. I guess it's a good thing there's nothing to do at work... I can relax a bit (shouldn't this be the other way around?)


Heart of Rachel said...

I hope your sister's surgery will be successful. I hope she'll have a quick recovery. God bless.

maria said...

Thanks Rachel. I know, I hope this time it works.

SugarMama said...

Good luck on your sister's surgery. I will add her in my prayers.

btw--- we had just recently launched FilipinaMoms.com and I was wondering if you are interested in contributing some postings. I would love to have you onboard. Let me know! :-)

MJ aka sugarmama

SugarMama said...

Hello again!

I'm excited that you are interested in writing for Filipinamoms.com. Please email me back your email address so I can go ahead and send you an invite to the site and the Requirements/Guidelines as well.

:-) MJ