Thursday, May 10, 2007

because of you...?

I walked out the door and into the night,
I feel unafraid, unnaturally calm.
I stopped for a moment and looked into my heart,
And there you were, watching , keeping me safe from harm.

... and you asked, "is this meant for me?"
I replied, "Don't know, but I had to write it down somewhere. I never question what comes naturally. Besides, an honest answer given the implication can be considered inapropriate."
... that was when you called, sounding confused. You asked me what I meant, then said it could be because you're tired and it's late.
I said, "Could be, I'm also tired."

... then we spent the next half hour or so talking.

In the light of day, I'm the one who got confused reading back on my messages and going through our conversations. But only for a moment... and then it became clear, because of you.