Sunday, February 25, 2007


Last year, I received word that one of my former classmate and friend was involved in an accident. A jeepney rammed the back of a Toyota FX and my friend was pinned in between. Both her legs was amputated because of this. After that, problems kept popping up one right after the other. I guess the trauma was too much for her body to handle. She's got four kids and I know that they are the reason why she's still fighting till now.

Sometimes life is so unfair. A few days ago, I got word that she was admitted to the hospital again. This time it's because she suffered a stroke. From what my other friend told me, I thought that there might still be a chance that she can recover from this recent drawback. I called my friend today to get an update, she said that since Thursday, our friend at the hospital has gotten worse. They were saying that the damage done to her body is now irreversible.

Miracles can still happen. She can still recover. But failing short of a miracle, it is possible that this might be the end of the road for her. She is still young, still a whole lifetime taken away from her because of a reckless driver. It pains me to think that her children might face a future without the guidance of a mother. I know that she is a fighter, she doesn't give up easily. But what can one do if the body refuses to heed what the mind tells it to do? Only time can tell. Either way, I hope she does not suffer too much.