Saturday, February 10, 2007

bits n pieces

Have been lazy posting lately... guess I should update.

Kyla got an "A" on her Accounting 1 class. As you can imagine she's very happy about it, but still bugging her instructor to give her her score for the final exam. Ah, such perfectionist attitude. She also started on the spring semester classes. From what she told me, the instructor's a little strict... sorry Kyla, so much for your wandering mind when in class, he he he. She was also supposed to join this Ms. Valentine thingy, but decided not to because she doesn't want to miss any of her classes. Good. I don't have to worry about expenses :p

Axel is also doing very good in his studies. He got a perfect score on their spelling test (again). He's been wondering why some of his classmates don't know how to spell when they were born here and have been speaking English since birth. I won't comment here... could be controversial :) He's a little worried about his history class, which obviously he doesn't know anything about (it being American history). Just told him to concentrate on that subject more since that's the only one he seems to be struggling with. I don't blame him, though, even I am not very good at history, Philippine history or American. It's a wonder I ever passed those when I was in school. He's also busy with his science project. I'll be jumping in pretty soon for the "construction" part. Hope it works the first time.

As for me, I will finally get a day off!!!! This time it's for real. It's official, it's the schedule... Yey! I still have two jobs, but I will work less hours at the other library. It does get old after working seven days a week for more than two years. Aside from that, nothing much happened. Been trying to keep up with both the kids schedule and mine. Hopefully, everything will settle down once the new schedule is in place.