Wednesday, July 05, 2006

over the weekend

Didn't have a long weekend like some did. Had to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. But I did get the 4th of July off (thank God for small mercies). Made chicken macaroni salad Monday night (my contribution for the BBQ the following day).

July 4th, picked up my sister to go to San Manuel Casino (she said she hasn't been there, so we went). Had to fall in line to get the club card (their computer was down and the computer guy wasn't doing a very good job at getting it back online). Finally managed to get our freebie $10 credit for slot play. Walked around a bit looking for the slot machine to play. Didn't find my favorite 1 penny slot machine, all they have was the nickel ones. I tried one, but lost my first $10 in under 15 minutes. Went to lunch after that (eat all you can), stayed longer than 1 hour because they have chocolate covered strawberries and of course coffee. We zeroed in on two slot machines which seem to be giving away money and my sister played it. After getting a little over $60, she cashed it in and let me play. Typical me, after seeing my winnings go up to $50+, I cashed it in too. No sense in losing when I got back what I lost earlier and won some too... :)

In all, we came out smelling like roses (well, more like cigarette smoke). With what we won, the casino payed for our entire trip including food and gas. Not bad for a 4 hours stay in a casino. We're not exactly the high roller type so both me and my sister were very happy with our little escapade.

Drove home, passed by the market to get ingridients for pansit and some seafoods. Started cooking as soon as we got home and presto! We had our BBQ in her backyard. In all, we had a great July 4th.