Monday, June 05, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Watched the movie (finally) and wondered where all the controversies came from. Like the book, it's has great entertainment value. I guess the Catholic Church is getting nervous that people might actually believe that the movie is true. Why? Because it rings true? Truer than what the Church preach? Really! They should just stop telling people what to believe and let the people decide what they want to believe. Don't they always say we have free will? So let the people exercise that will.

Would it really be so bad if Jesus were married, to Mary Magdalene, no less? Do I sense some discrimination here? Is it because Jesus is not allowed to have human feelings? Or is it the fact that Mary Magdalene was said to be a prostitute and not fit to be Jesus wife(companion)? Would it lessen Jesus' holiness if he actually had a wife and a bloodline? Afterall, he was born to a human took on human form, so I am assuming that he can perform human acts ;)