Saturday, January 21, 2006

mortality faced

My Uncle Efren passed away last January 20, 2006 around 7pm. He's been in a coma for the last couple of months.

Last Christmas, I went to his house to pay him a visit. I was really hesitant because I really did not want to see him in a helpless state. My Dad convinced me saying it might be the last time I'll see him alive. "Alive" being a relative term...

When I got there, I did not see the Uncle I was so used to seeing. He always has something witty to say even before I step in his house. This time it was very different. I saw a body, his body, lying there not moving and breathing with the help of a machine. I moved closer and said normally, "hey! what are you doing still in bed? aren't we going to have a drink today? You gotta get up sometime, it's Christmas!" I normally would have gotten a whack in the head at this time. Normally... Yes, it was very different indeed.

A while later when everybody went out of the room, I whispered to him, "Kung pagod ka na, pwede ka nang magpahinga. Matatanda na mga anak mo, kaya na nila yan, mahaba na ang oras na binigay mo para kayanin nila ang pag-alis mo. Tapos na rin ang inaalala nyo ng Tatay tungkol sa akin... kung nagaalala ka pa sa Ate, ako na ang bahala sa kanya." That was the last time I saw him.

A day before my birthday, he died. Rest easy and in peace. Know that you have been and will be loved by those who knew you well.