Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I've been tagged. Don't know exactly what that means, but I guess it'll require me saying 20 things about me, and try to get somebody else to do the same.

1. My children comes first, everything else is secondary.
2. I drink coffee so I can go to sleep.
3. I drink coffee to calm me down if anything stresses me out.
4. I eat McDonald's French fries almost everyday.
5. I'm trying to learn how to play the violin. I've learned 10 songs so far, yippee!
6. I was able to lose 40 lbs. in a week and 20 more in the weeks after that.
7. Took me a year to get 15 lbs. back.
8. I've watched Pretty Woman more than 30 times. I guess I believe in fairy tales.
9. I've watched Bridges of Madison County 6 times within 10 days when it first came out. Still watching it once in a while, my answer is still the same, get out of the truck!
10. I learned how to blog with the insistence of Ralline and with the help of a friend here. She helped me with technical stuff, in return I try to write what she feels but fails to express.
11. Read Nicholas Sparks' books at the insistence of another friend. I wonder if he'll write the same stuff if he wasn't happily married.
12. My friends tell me I can be brutally frank. I believe them.
13. According to my dream I will probably die an old woman.
14. I will not rest till I meet Pierce Brosnan :)
15. I like to buy trinkets with cats on them.
16. I love to write poems, now my daughter has taken over. I love that even more!
17. I love to watch sunsets.
18. When my son asks me for something, I always say, "bilugin mo muna ulo ko". Somehow, he found the right answer to that one... "Mama, bilog na ulo mo." And goes on to illustrate by drawing circles around my face with his fingers (this was when he was barely 5 years old).
19. I like winter and the snow, but it took me 4 years before I was able to go and see it for myself.
20. I'm going to celebrate Christmas with my kids! About time!