Saturday, July 09, 2005

who said i need exercise?

Oh my God! Whoever said exercise is good for you must be nuts! I am sore to the last bone and muscle in my body. Bed is the only place inviting for me right now, that and a nice cup of coffee. But alas! I have to work, well... be at work, as you can see I'm posting on my blog so I cannot be working, but I am, a well...

I've taken up tae-bo and if these body aches don't leave me soon I'd probably drop it too. But hey, I guess I do need to exercise, if only to give me something to do, as opposed to becoming a bed potato.

Must be the price of getting old. I've just realized that most of my cousins who used to be teeny boppers back then are actually adults, some with families, some in relationships while others are still enjoying being single. Makes me feel ancient! But hey, I got two wonderful kids so I'm not complaining.