Sunday, September 21, 2008

to blog or not to blog...

I have not been blogging. Not that I don't want to, not that I don't have anything to say, but mostly because how I feel is too melodramatic to commit to paper (or in this case a blog entry).

My sister's birthday is coming up, after that it will be my Dad's birthday. What should have been a celebration is still very much a cause for sad reflection. And as I navigate through conflicting emotions, I find that indeed, I am suffering from basket case depression. There is one more reason for my current state of mind, but on that I chose to keep quiet.

So what do I do to alleviate my depression? Let's see... I traded in my car for a new, and as my friends tell me, a better car than what I had. Expensive way to amuse myself, but there it is. I did it. I wasn't sure at first if this is the car that I wanted, truth is, I wasn't sure I'd be qualified to get a new car. Apparently, I have reached that state of credit worthiness.

So, why did I change my car? Hmmm, let's see. The car squeeks, it needs to have the brakes changed, its due for the 45T miles maintenance, and it reminds me that part of the reason why I got it in the first place is to use it to take everybody for trips out of town. The first three reasons requiring a lot of money and the last, well... since we're two members of the family short...

But all is well, I like my new car. And though I still haven't figured out what the hype is about over satellite radio, I'll figure it out eventually. I love the ergonomic seat which now provides full support for my back. The old car has it too, but the new one felt better on my back. I now have less space as the new car is only a 5 seater, but that would mean less junk left in the car ;p And now, I have better chances when I get lost... the car has a compass though still lacking a GPS (still too expensive for me). It feels weird though because it has a screen that tells you a door is open, two doors open, back door open, or you have so and so miles before gas is empty, etc... weird... and the key! OMG! I thought I broke it the first time I took it off the ignition. It doesn't have the part where you see the metal teeth. Sorry, but I'm clueless with car technology. It's called a Fobik key (though not the one with remote start, pity... that would make it a "Kit" car he he). I found that out after reading the manual.

And so after two days of driving the car around, I'm still not at full excited mode but I'm slowly getting there as I discover all the features of my new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Maria. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down. I hope that everything will turn out alright.

That's a lovely Jeep. Enjoy the cool features.

How nice that you have Eeyore to keep you company during your trips.

Take care.