Sunday, March 09, 2008

Filipinos in Hollywood

The Filipino American Library (FAL), in collaboration with Filipino American Service
Group, Inc. (FASGI) and Burger King Corporation, presents…
“Filipinos in Hollywood”
Book Launch
Saturday, March 8

Filipino American Library (FAL)
135 N. Park View St.
Historic Filipinotown
Los Angeles, CA 90026-5215

--- Free Admission, Donations Accepted ---
--- Food and Drinks Provided ---
--- Please RSVP by WED, MAR 5 to ---

Author Carina Monica Montoya, who was born and raised in the Hollywood area, has
collected these vintage images from the early Filipino families who settled in Hollywood,
the Filipino community, and Los Angeles historical organizations. These remarkable
photographs capture the spirit of and challenges faced by Filipinos in America, as well as
their triumphs, recognition, and success in Hollywood.

In an effort to increase my awareness and ultimately my involvement in anything Filipino here in LA, I took my kids and my Mom to this book launching event. Although, I am a librarian by profession, this is the first time I've attended such an event since I settled here a little over six years ago. I am very impressed at the way they've handled said event, everyone was very professional with your usual Filipino warmth thrown in, from the welcoming committee, the volunteers, and the guests. Needless to say, I have listed my name down as a volunteer for future events hosted by the library.

The author, Carina Monica Montoya is very knowledgable. She really knows her history and can tell the story very well. I was never really into history, so any information coming in is processed and forgotten, until such time that I have some use for it, so you can say that going to a launching of a book about history is a big step for me to reconnect with my own roots.

More power to us Filipinos!