Thursday, January 24, 2008

reality bites... HARD!

Once in a while something happens that makes you question every single thing around you. Last January 22nd was one of those days you'd wish never happened. I was busy minding my own business on my way to work stopping as the traffic light hovers between yellow and red and thinking what kind of breakfast I should get along with my hazelnut coffee when BAM! I've been rear-ended by some dude who thinks that he can beat the red light with me blocking his way. It really makes me wonder how anyone can think of going faster than the car in front of them and actually thinks they can get away without having an accident.

And so, information changed hands... all was well... at least up to that point where I dialed my sister's cellphone number, only to realize that no one would be answering my call. After that, forget it. I was a mess. The accident was nothing compared to the impact of realization that my sister is forever gone.

The car, now in the shop for repairs, my body, hopefully on the mend, and my mind, thankfully too drugged up to care about anything else. And so days passed and I am precariously doing a balancing act. With everything that's happened, I cannot help but be amazed that I am still here trying to accept reality as it tries to bite more chunks of what little sanity I have left in me.


Takhara said...

The grieving process takes a long time. Things like this may bring the grief crashing back around you when you least expect it or think you've moved on.

Only time will ease the pain -- but it *will* ease. I promise.

maria said...

Thanks... at the back of my mind I know it will, in time.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm lost for words ...

Hugs my friend.