Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tickle tarot card reading

Your Present
While we often think we are aware of all that is happening in our lives, sometimes the card we choose regarding the Present provides deeper insight than we are able to tap into on our own. Carefully consider the Tarot's following assessment of your present, and see what the cards are trying to teach you about situations occurring in your life right now.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents the primary influence on the current state of your life. Right now, in your present, you may be faced with the dilemma of whether to put the good of your community over your own desires. In order to achieve the approval you long for, you're likely being asked to make decisions that won't rock the boat too much. In making your decision, try not to allow conformity to cloud your decision. Instead, form beneficial alliances and consider the benefits of tradition.The Hierophant is the sixth card in the Major Arcana. He blesses the two priests who are kneeling at his feet. Between the priests are a pair of crossed keys, signaling the unity of heaven and earth. In his clothing, each color is highly symbolic: a red robe representing the kingdom of earth, the white trim for purity, and his gold triple crown representing the kingdom of heaven. This card represents tradition and the pressure to conform. The Hierophant is the educator, seeking to communicate a common religious or philosophical viewpoint in a common language all can understand. The Hierophant also rules marriage, public education, and traditional medicine. He signifies the need for approval, as well as the need for social values.There are a number of ways this card could be playing out right now. Some possibilities include:
  • You may be feeling pressured by society's expectations in relation to your love life, whether it's to settle down, get married, or start a family.
  • Perhaps you are struggling with how to spend your money in a socially responsible way, or you're being asked to share your money with those in your family or community.
  • You may be in a situation that is compelling you to put the good of others over your own health and well-being.

Your Past
Understanding our past decisions and situations can help us derive more from the lessons life is trying to teach us. It's never too late to acknowledge the truths of our past and bring that wisdom into our present and future.

The Empress

The Empress exerted a significant impact on your past. This means that at some point in your past, you were likely nurtured and cared for. This period of contentment was a time in which you enjoyed a cycle of great abundance, whether you realized it or not. Your response to this time of prosperity, and the reactions it elicited from others, brought you to the point you're at today.The Empress is the fourth card in the Major Arcana. In this card, the Empress has twelve stars on her crown, representing each of the Zodiac signs. Her heart-shaped shield symbolizes the planet Venus' resonant love and affection. She is surrounded by signs of nature, including the wheat chaffs at her feet and the forest surrounding her. This card represents abundance and great happiness. The Empress is Mother Nature, representing fertility, a thriving romantic relationship, and life contentment. She is your nurturing, mothering side, bringing you comfort and peace.This card may have affected the overall tenor of your life, or just a particular area. Following are a few possibilities for how you experienced these influences in your past:

  • You may have received plenty of care and nurturing from your family as a child.
    In your social life, you may have enjoyed plenty of friends with whom you shared deep bonds and good times.
  • You may have experienced a time of abundant love and romance, whether in one particular relationship or in plenty of fun, casual relationships.

Your Future
Knowing what may be coming up in our future allows us to prepare ourselves for the unexpected. The card that represents your future will reveal which lessons are coming up next in your life. You may learn that you're about to enter into a particularly fruitful or easy time, or the cards may predict that you're about to be confronted with the opportunity to learn some of life's more challenging lessons. We each have lessons to learn, and if we avoid them, the cards tell us that they will simply reappear until they are addressed. When life lessons come your way, allow the cards' insight to guide your way as you work through these challenges. Keep in mind that if you successfully learn your lessons, you can then move on to new ones.

Your future, as it currently stands, is represented by the third card you chose. Death is the card of rebirth. At some point soon, you may find yourself in a phase of complete transformation. The past will no longer be applicable to the person you want to become, and thus you'll enter into a period of renewal. When an opportunity presents itself, stave off inertia and hopelessness by welcoming change into your life.The Death card symbolizes transformation and rebirth. In this card, a black skeleton is clad in armor and rides atop a white horse. Death rides toward several figures, including a priest, a child, a woman, and a fallen king. The rose on the banner of life has five petals, which in numerology signifies change and rejuvenation. While the picture is of destruction, the background includes a hopeful image of the rising sun. Death is a sign that it's time to move on in life. This card is about "out with the old and in with the new." Some form of renewal is about to occur in your life.More than any other step of life's journey, this card represents the lessons you must learn and the experiences in store for you in your upcoming karmic destiny. This may impact you in any number of ways, including:
  • A complete renewal in your love life, whether that means seeking a new partner or recommitting yourself to exploring your current relationship.
  • Your career may enjoy a much needed rebirth, as you transfer your skills to a new job or field.
  • Your role in your family may enjoy a surprising transformation. For example, you may become more of a nurturer to someone who traditionally cares for you, or you may achieve more decision-making power in your family.
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