Saturday, February 04, 2006


- to my daughter Kyla for winning first place in the LACASA Poem Writing Contest. The Theme: LACASA: Ten years of Christian Youth Leadership. The mechanics are: 5 stanzas, 4 lines, free verse, english. This is her winning piece.

Darkness, violence and injustice, are the sights we all can see
In this evil world of today, it seems all of us aren't free
Leaders, they are the hope, the way and the light
But it seems like they're the ones who start the fight

The youth of today, they're the hope for tomorrow
The ones who should take away all the nation's sorrow
They already made a step, ten years ago
Until now, they still have a long way to go

The Laguna Catholic Schools Association as we all know
Develops leadership and make the youth grow
Never been apart, together they serve God
Continuing the mission of service to others that they had

The LACASA activities are rooted in God's Word
Develops faith in the youth which can be stronger than a sword
Their souls, they nourish and nurture
To prepare the leaders of the future

Ten years of trials, one decade of pain
Didn't even tear apart what these youth leaders gain
Holding on together, standing tall
They hold on to God and never did they fall...