Tuesday, December 20, 2005

signing in from the philippines

Finally! After 3 hours in LAX getting checked in for my flight and 16 hours of actual flight time with 1 hour stopover, 1 1/2 hours getting sorted out at customs in Manila and a very important stop at McDonald's for breakfast I finally made it home. That doesn't mean I stayed home...

Went to my cousin's to get my teeth looked at, went to my other cousin (doctor) to get my son's knees looked at then went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Also got my son a new pair of eyeglasses since he broke the last one he had. Still early and not satisfied yet, my kids prevailed and we ended up in an Internet Cafe, so here I am updating my entry.

Long way to go before I can go to sleep or I'd have a bad case of jetlag. Guess I have been up for almost 2 days now.... YAWN!!!!!